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A little bit about


Our foundation. We believe in 4 Ms:

Minimalism: we keep it simple. Nothing more, nothing less, just what is.

Meditation: contemplation before action. Thinking before doing.

Movement: full and free expression of the body. A form of art.

Mindfulness: remaining completely present. Feeling gratitude in our state of being.

Mission & Vision

More than a physical transformation, real change happens from the inside out. Aura is a space to acknowledge our true self, build a deep connection with our divine self and work on becoming the best version of our self. Sounds a little SELF-ish right? Well, we believe that the best way to show up for others is when we have found & acknowledged our own self.

Our vision is to bring online health & wellness services to our diverse community for daily self-improvement.

The Founder

I am Marie Lou.

Builder, dreamer & doer. Filled with fire, passion and eager to share the experiences I've lived. Fearless in expressing the positive and negative, the constructive and destructive. It is all part of me and I am all part of it. I am majestic, force, spirit, power, divine energy, love, capable of producing synergy. And so are YOU. Let's inspire each other, I look forward to connecting with you.

Experienced personal and group fitness trainer, working towards my 200 YTT. 

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